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Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills

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The colorful children’s hammock chair, Iri Rainbow, offers kids a quiet retreat to play and dream.

The closed-weave suspension, instead of the usual hammock cords, provides an additional safety measure. It is produced in Colombia from pure, high-quality cotton. Reinforced edges make this hammock extremely tear-resistant so that your child will be able to enjoy it for a long time. The integrated safety swivel guarantees safe 360° rotation. The spreader bar made of FSC-certified bamboo is not just an eye-catcher, it is also extremely sturdy.

The gentle rocking movement stimulates the sense of balance. This positively impacts the ability to concentrate and promotes learning success in reading, writing and arithmetic.

Kids Hammock Chair

Price $55.00

Suspension set for flexible installation on walls, ceilings, beams or trees.

Hammock chairs and Jokis are easy to hang or remove using the Universal Rope.

Universal Rope

Price $18.99

Space-saving and height-adjustable hammock chair stand made of powder-coated steel for  basic hammock chairs.

Because its height is adjustable, it is suitable for different sizes of hammock chairs.

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Mediteranean Stand

Price $199.00

Basic hammock chair Orquídea Volcano – in sunny and warm shades of red and orange: a cozy haven to relax in at home.

Hammock Chair

Price $99.90

Basic hammock chair in Lagoon – as fresh and blue as the sea: a cozy haven to relax in at home.

Hammock Chair

Price $99.90

Hammock chair lounger Currambera BlueBerry is made from pure cotton in a traditional, cheerful mix of stripes. It is extra-large, enabling you to not only sit comfortably in it, but also recline.

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Hammock Chair Lounger- Plum

Price $129.90

Suspension set for suspension between trees.


The Tree Rope allows the easy suspension or removal of your hammock.


The length of the ropes can easily be adjusted using the SmartHooks.

This set is not just extremely practical, it’s also weatherproof. 

Tree Rope

Price $27.90

Teeter Popper!

  • Arouses curiosity, stimulates senses, engages imagination, encourages creativity
  • Improves core strength & stability, balance, coordination and gross-motor skills
  • A cinch to maneuver - stand, sit, rock, tilt, wobble!
  • Pleasant POPPING sound rewards movement
  • Developmental challenge in unique form
  • Unlimited ways to play
  • Attractive & simple
  • Appealing to young children
  • Versatile shape and bright colors
  • Silicone suction cups
  • Highly durable plastic body
  • Appeals to a wide range of ages
  • Dimensions (inches): 28 L x 11.5 W x 7.5 D
  • Weight limit: Approximately 110 lbs

Teeter Popper

Price $29.00

Visual Sensory Fun for All Ages

A hands-on squishy gel experience! Encourages visual processing and sensory stimulation for all ages. Invite sensory-seeking kids to step, sit or jump on the tiles and watch the colors ooze. Even young children can push the gel around with their hands. Place several on the ground to create a colorful floor mat or walking path. Use with adult supervision. 

  • Supports sensory integration and gross motor skill development
  • Engages kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder and autism

Gel Floor Tile- large 20 x 20

Price $31.00

These are some of our best therapeutic play balls because they open up a child’s world of tactile exploration. Hide them, find them, hold them, touch them, roll them and just play pretend. 

Spikey Tactile Balls Set of 3

Price $18.99

Size: 48" L x 14" W x 11" D
Weight: 31 lbs.
• Accommodates children up to 125 lbs. or 45" tall maximum.
• Comes complete with adjustable safety harness and chain/installation kit. (Swing frames sold separately.)

Jenn Swing

Price $399.00